Thursday, May 29, 2008

THWONK! (The Director's Cut)

So there I was, conducting a little curbside interview when the traffic light went all green-like. Billy Joe Pick-Up kept talking of course, but as a conscientious cameraman I simply nodded and backed off - lest I spark any road rage that would get my arse run over. It was then a most unscrupulous phone pole jumped its anchor and attacked me from my behind, coming into such inglorious contact with the back of my Sony that I spoke fluent Japanese for about three minutes. Whereas normally I would excise this clip from the permanent record, I'm happy to share it with you dear reader - if only to show you what kind of detritus can be found on the cutting room floor. What you didn't see: the ensuing mockery from the lunch-rush pedestrians who witnessed the attack. Hey, I gotta hold something back.

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