Thursday, June 03, 2010

Above and Below

Glancy in the Drink
Ahhh, the God Shot - that mythical frame that eludes news shooters both moving and still. At first, it's barely a concept. Soon however it morphs into obsession; a single minded quest for a vantage point the viewer will never see coming. It isn't always worth it. Rash acts rarely are. But when a committed lenslinger begins lusting for a certain angle, you'd best damn take cover. Before you know it, he (or she) will climb out on the struts of a wobbly chopper, strap himself to the hood of a black and white or jam a camcorder into an old aquarium and get wet. THAT'S exactly what my competitor Aaron Glancy did today as we faced off on the banks of the Mighty Dan. While I clung to the crumbling shore and bitched about the heat (my normal M.O. this time of year), the intrepid Glancy encased his rig in fish-house and plunged into the drink. Dude's got moxie (and hopefully a change of clothes somewhere). And while the muddy water may have clouded this particular vision, all was not lost - for the pasty schlub who stayed ashore left most impressed.

Almost makes me sorry for all those rocks I threw at him.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

No Van Is an Island

Ski Island
Either the BP oil spill is causing the very planet to crumble into the sea, or Florida freelancer Roger Scruggs is having fun with Photoshop again. Either way, it makes for an image I can't stop staring at. I just hope The Suits don't see this; else they'll want this kind of team smotherage EVERY year...