Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shooter Ruins Shower

Via Photog’s Lounge, shocking reports of a TV News shooter turned human! Local 6 News photog Tee Taylor was driving through an Orlando neighborhood Wednesday morning when he spotted a troublesome plume. No stranger to chasing smoke towers, the 37 year veteran headed straight for the base of the spiral and a found a duplex cloaked in smoke. It was then Taylor separated himself from lesser life forms, rushing the structure and banging on doors. Bruce Gillis was in an upstairs shower at the time. Taylor’s shouts and a general feeling of ‘What the Fudge?’ caused the resident to skip the rinse cycle, locate his three dogs and get the hell out. Only when the building was empty did Taylor obey his own DNA, grabbing his camera and shooting some most righteous video of flames swallowing the edifice. Fire investigators credited the local photog with saving the man’s life and even viewed his video to see if the cause looked sketchy. Let’s hope Tee was able to make an easy day of the mid-morning blaze. To no one’s surprise, his station made great hay of the story behind Taylor’s tape, though they wisely held off on any hand-puppet re-enactments.. Me - I’m just amazed anyone who’s spent 37 years behind the lens still bothers to look up, let alone jumps into action when it matters the most. Until my long-overdue shipment of virtual Viewfinder BLUES t-shirts come in, I’ll simply have to dip my lens in a southerly direction and thank Tee Taylor for bringing my ilk up a notch or two. RUH-Spect!

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