Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Charles in Charge

Charles in ThoughtThose who think TV news reporters spit out those stylized sequiturs non-stop are only partially right. Most times, they gotta stop and think about their lines first. Such was the case today, as Charles Ewing paused to reflect outside Simeon Stadium today - giving me enough time to grab my headphones from Unit 4 and take a pic or two on the walk back. I don't know why I botherered really (other than being rather desperate for material) but once I got back to my upper lair, I realized I had more than just a couple of random snapshots of a co-worker at rest... I had an exciting behind the scenes peek into the world of TV News!

Summoning BrillianceOkay, maybe not - but these simple frozen frames do represent a side of broadcasting most young people don't think about when they sign up for that first Mass Comm class. Those who do would do well to realize a life in front of the camera is more than neckties and winking headshots. It's work. See, not every assignment's a scintillating trip into the unknown; most are tepid jaunts into the predictable. But whether it's intrigue or pablum, an on-air reporter must forge a decent narrative, albeit in a highly fragmented manner. Master that and you'll do fine. Otherwise you may find yourself perched upon an incline, wishing for brilliance while your photog exploits your mental constipation for any and all possible blog fodder.

And who'd want that?

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Kenneth said...

Stew, don't let your boss see that you left that high dollar fancy cam sitting on top of gitzo legs while you walked off to the truck.

You do like to live on the edge.