Thursday, April 27, 2006

NAB: Team B-Roll

NAB 1 (4)Weaver and I had already booked passage to NAB when fellow photog Kevin Johnson sweetened the post considerably. “Wanna play reporter?” his e-mail read. Now, usually when I hear that, it translates roughly into ‘Hey Stew, wanna do two jobs for the price of one ... AGAIN?’ But this was different, as the founder of my favorite website was once again welcoming me into the fold. He’s made a habit of that over the years and it’s the main reason you’re reading this today. Lemme ‘splain., which takes its name from an antiquated yet still used editing term, is the on-line watering hole of the photog nation. Created in 1996 by Johnson when he returned from a trip to Bosnia with a stash of photos and stories he wanted to share on-line, Kevin’s creation has grown into an internationally known website and forum, a gathering spot for weary TV news shooters from across the globe. It was on the message board that I first started sharing my own stories years ago and without the flood of encouragement I received from its many members, I probably wouldn’t have stuck with the arduous task of bleeding thoughts on screen. In fact, a need for a proper b-roll identity is what made me conjure up the moniker of 'Lenslinger' in the first place. Someday, I’ll no doubt irk the women in my life by first crediting its many readers in the acknowledgements page of my first published work.

NAB 1 (2)Thus, I answered Kev’s e-mail ever so promptly, assuring him that me and the Weave would be happy to play TV with him, provided we didn’t have to drive a live truck or stand in the rain in the process. When he assured us we wouldn't we agreed and left it at that. Fast forward to last Monday. Even before we got to the Miller Tripod booth, we spotted the founder from afar (he stands about 8 foot 4). Also on hand, Andy Grossman - a Virginia Beach shooter who turned out to be the hardest working man at the whole conference. Together the four of us had a grand time traipsing from one tricked-out vendor to the next, for once unencumbered by our heavy glass. We hit quite a few booths throughout the day and while we didn't make cinematic gold, we giggled and sneered enough to make it all very enjoyable. But don't take my word for it, click here and watch for yourselves. Then know that my thwarted series of NAB reports are drawing to a close, with only one installment left: The after-party...

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