Friday, January 02, 2009

The Stuff of Blockbusters

David R.Busse in El Salvador
Whenever I feel silly or vain for amassing so many pictures of myself with a fancycam, I peruse the personal gallery of one David R. Busse, intrepid everyman, legendary lenslinger. Taken as a whole, his photos play out like some unlikely storyboard; frozen frames from a life too rich and varied to possibly be true. Here he's pictured chillin' with soundman John Casillas and a Salvadorian soldier along the Pan American Highway near Cojutapeque, El Salvador, circa 1982. I'm no film critic, but in my not so humble opinion Hollywood would do well to stop regurgitating old TV shows and start dramatizing the plights of people who've spent their days riding the line between access and peril - if for no other reason than to see the likes of Brad Pitt rock a hat and 'stache like that. Sure, it'll never happen but from where I sit in the multiplex, King Kong ain't got nuthin' on David R. Busse...


Chris said...

That's one awesome picture. I've heard tales of the days when news stations would send crews around the world to cover the news. Alas, they seem to be nothing but tall tales these days.

Anonymous said...

When I graduated from Mizzou in 1979, Dave Busse was already a legendary alum. Never met him, though. He may have been too busy.

Steve said...

Ah yes, documenting the Reagan-era proxy wars (note US gov issue M-16) in Central America probably wasn't all poparazzi-Paris-Hilton-ish, was it? People who live like him (Richard Angle comes to mind), amaze me. Must. Love. Danger. & Adreneline.

Anonymous said...

Bradd Pitt, eh? He'd do--he's a Mizzou j-schooler, too.

My wife says Dan Ackroyd would be a better choice, particularly if he were more in character from his "Ghostbusters" roles.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Busse is a cameraman's cameraman.

Ok, photojournalist, WHATEVER!

He's doing what so many of us want to do with our lives!

And it's not over yet!