Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Louisville Slingers

News Crew '78
ABC, 1978 (Pilot Episode) In this short-lived Starsky & Hutch spin-off, "Berger and The Bus" cruise the means streets of Kentuckiana in search of deadlines, breakers and a couple of those new Members Only jackets. While S&H featured the 'Striped Tomato' Ford Torino, this primetime hopeful revolved around the RCA TK-76 handheld color camera and the duo's thwarted efforts to score chicks with it. Producers initially had high hopes for the series, but quickly pulled the plug when The Incredible Hulk's strong debut instantly dominated key nerd demographics. The series' only surviving episode is known for heavy polyester product placement, unsuccessful catchphrase attempts ("Are we Rollin'?") and it's Electric Light Orchestra soundtrack. Now popular on college campuses, fraternity brothers trade jello shots each time the soundman character runs his fingers through his perfectly feathered hair. Starring real life Lousiville newsies Jim Berger and David R. Busse, with a special cameo by Antonio 'Huggy Bear' Fargas. *** (3 stars)


David Busse said...

Actually, there's a 1975 Ford Torino just out of range of the camera...it was my news car until replaced by a 1979 Olds Cutlass wagon.

And this picture was taken just a few feet from the very spot on Louisville's 4th Street where they shot (a few years after this picture was taken) the mud-wrestling scenes in the movie "Stripes."

Berger and I grew up in St. Louis together and played hockey on the same team in 8th grade. We went to Mizzou together and worked briefly in Louisville at WAVE-TV. He left the station for Denver a few months after this photo was taken, where he excelled as an award-winning news photographer at KBTV, later KUSA-TV. He is one of the most talented people I have ever known and today is president and CEO of High Noon Productions, a Denver-based producer of high-end cable TV entertainment shows.

You pretty much guessed everything correctly here. We were hamming it up for the cameras, displaying what we called our "electronic sex magnets." Back in those days, modelling the camera actually worked, tho Berger was much better at it than I.

Horonto said...

Does anyone remember "Mobile One" the TV series from the mid 70's on ABC?

It starred Jackie Cooper as a washed up print reporter with a prior drinking problem given a second chance at a TV news station. I think the series station was Channel One.

I was glued to it every week as a young lad.