Monday, October 30, 2006

Grandma and Me

Grandma and Me
Sure, my high school reunion was fun - even if I did remain stoic and sober while the rest of my old classmates grew increasingly silly (you know who you are, Deborah). But even that country club affair couldn't compare to my rendezvous with Rosa Mae Canady - the beloved matriarch of my particular clan. At age 95, she's barely aware of camera-phones or the internet - and you can rest assured she's never heard of 'lenslinger'. What she does know is the suffusion of sunshine, for her mere presence brightens the heart of even her most melancholy descendant. Though I seriously doubt I've inherited her longevity, I'd like to think I got my love of reading from my Mother's Mom. It's just one of the many gifts this special lady passed along and I'm so very glad my own children have come to know her well. Here's hoping your Grandmother rocks as much as mine.


spcoon said...

that's awesome, stew. my g'ma is the queen bee as well. love the ancients, i say.

Wags said...

Here's hoping your Grandmother rocks as much as mine.

She does, because she's the same one! Nice post, cousin.

I think one of the best gifts that she's given all of us is by way of example - her ability to recognize and appreciate the simple joys of life. Her life hasn't been the easist, but she always manages to come out smiling.

gomomyourock said...

"Here's hoping your Grandmother rocks as much as mine."

She does, 'cause she's also marriage. She's the sweetest!