Friday, January 14, 2011

Smells like ... Freedom!

Into the Presser
In the latest Darren Bailey print, The Artist explores the desperation felt when an individual takes on the media elite. Bailey's use of light and mechanized depth sets the stage for an eery encounter, as the nameless citizen shimmers into existence with ethereal splendor. Note the canyonesque wall of cameras Bailey uses to build the barrier represented by the formidable Fourth Estate, a chasm accentuated by the laissez-faire posture of the vultures at bay. Why, one can almost smell the dread washing over the lone interloper as the carnivorous cameras begin to whir-- What? That's just gas?

Never mind.


Miami Fan? said...

Your camera "whirs"?

Miami Fan said... it!
Gas! LOL

turdpolisher said...

you must have been by the sports department.