Thursday, October 15, 2009

Satisfaction Doubtful

Carter Concentrates
WANTED: Young nomad to electrify. Must possess firm grip, sniper's eye and a knack for gadgets. Endless missions await. Will supply with aging weaponry, middling assistance and new demands daily. Shoulders eroded. Elbow grease siphoned. Spines misaligned. Empty stares lengthened. Must like ugly weather and attractive gasbags. Motoring skills mandatory. Penchants for pockets a plus. Will train but never coddle. Moderate pay tolerable. Bad attitudes validated. Abuse a certainty. Respect sporadic. Other rewards less tangible: Worldview widened. Anecdotes amassed. Swagger magnified. (House Cats Need Not Apply.)


Oreo said...'s like you looked into my life, man...

Seriously, though, I think the magnified swagger comes from the misaligned spine. By motor skills do you mean driving? 'Cause I don't see anything in there about the multitude of miles amassed monthly.

As always you are pith-perfect.

sitbonzo said...

when do i start?

Getit said...

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