Wednesday, April 16, 2008

NAB 08: Team Slinger

Team Slinger
Let's meet the players, shall we? That's me on the left rockin' the windswept bald spot, Chris Weaver flexing his muss-kools in the middle and the one and only Turdpolisher bringing up the right. Together we three trolled the convention center floor, rendezvoused with lubricated news shooters and knocked back a few spirits of our own. It was highly therapeutic, in much the same way a quiet walk in the park ain't. Now that we're all back home however, the real work begins - with pictures, lyrics and videos being assembled even as you read this. While I rack my brain figuring out where to start, do check out this panoply of snapshots. Then do us all a favor and re-examine the way you spend your leisure time. willya? This is an election year...

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Anonymous said...

You flew Southmess?

Yikes! I'm just glad you were able to report the news rather than be the news.

Good job on staying alive and all!