Thursday, June 07, 2012

Non Jovi

Edwards verdict Scrum

It's all the same, only the stations change
Everyday, I sling the same old way
Another place, where the stories are so dull
I go live all night, drives me out of my skull

I'm a PHO-tog, in a minivan I drive
I'm wanting (w-a-n-ting) to get out of my live
Wanting (W-a-a-nting!) out of my live

Sometimes I sleep, usually in the edit bays
And the people I meet usually end up getting sprayed
Sometimes you tell the day 

By the way your buddy stinks
And times when you're alone, 

it's of freelance that you think

I cruise these streets, gas station receipts by the stack
I eat real cheap, 'cause they're slow to pay me back
I been everywhere, but I can't recall
I've seen a million faces an I've double-punched them all

I'm a PHO-tog, in school I did not thrive
I'm wanting (w-a-nting!) to get out of my live
Wanting (W-a-a-nting!) out of my live
Still I drive (I still dr-i-i-ve!)

Cause I'm a PHO-tog
I got lights in my ride
And they're wanting
Me to go live.
(I go l-i-i-ve!)
I go live!
Starting at five...


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