Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I don't know why this brings me so much joy, but it do. Maybe it's because I'm far away from this fracas, even though it's going down in my hometown. Maybe it's because I've shared air with all three of these men and, well, it's just good to see the fellas together again. Whatever the reason, it's more than simple schadenfreude. John Edwards, it seems, is going down in flames. Now facing six felonies for falsifying campaign finance reports to cover up his mistress, the former presidential candidate is (inexplicably) grinning all the way to the courthouse as his lawyers do everything they can to avoid a speedy resolution. His next hearing is scheduled for late July and I'd be shocked if I didn't find myself in the middle of it, or at least on the very edge with fourteen hundred of my closest camera-wielding competitors. For now, however, I'll huddle by the shore and try not to tee-hee at the sight of a certain horndog millionaire being hounded by two working-class weisenheimer buddies of mine - both who just happen to be fine, upstanding family men.

Funny thing, life.

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