Monday, February 21, 2011

Eight Track Playas

Funky Bunch
Just in case you wondered what the news crew trailing Scooby and the Gang LOOKED LIKE, we now have visual proof. Okay, that's not fair, as I'm sure these cats were unabashedly bad-ass backintheday. How could they NOT be? Red windbreaker, Chukka Boots, Brown cords and that poofy vest... Throw in some vintage recording equipment with what appears to be the coolest news car ever and you have one funky bunch of white guys. I only have one question: With all the chicks that tried to pile into that ride, where did they store the gear?


jcb said...

What makes it even more perfect is Eyewitness News in Kabel Bold—the official font of the 1970s. Okay, one of them.

Miami Fan said...

So...when is he going to hook up the camera to the recorder during this "breaking news" look PR photo?

Bryan Edge said...

Man that is AWESOME!