Monday, December 27, 2010

Hunk of the Junket

Team Senator
Sure, fake vampires are all the rage right now, but for my (lack of) money the real celebrity in this photo is the guy behind the glass. Check him out: Drab dress, frozen pose, dead expression... What a bloodsucker. Wait a minute, that's no glammed-out parasite -- that's The Senator, a Louisiana lenslinger with immortality issues of his own. Legend has it he's knocked around Baton Rouge for years - haunting the Legislature, affecting the airwaves, propping up the walking dead. But unlike most ethereal beings, the good Senator doesn't avoid reflections. In fact, he excels at them. Since 2007, he's operated a blog that's won him legions of fans - myself included. I swear, one of these days I'm gonna wing my way down to the Pelican State and tip a few spirits with the many lubricated shooters that populate that not so sacred place. Until then, you'll find me here, avoiding those silly chick flicks and re-reading Queen of the Damned.


turdpolisher said...

ust know that if you ever decide to swing through the boot-shaped state, he'll have the legislature declare it lenslinger day and you'll get the keys to a highly odoriferous land. . . and that's just the upper chamber.

and you can always stop by my place for a glass maker's and a happy ending from ms turd.

Lenslinger said...

Wow. Book my flight!

Senator's Forum said...


Thank you again for such kind words. The Turdpolisher is correct a day will be named in your honor as champagne would flow from the heavens, did you know?