Tuesday, October 26, 2010

That 70's Glow

Jean jackets, muscle cars, an unabashed doughnut addiction... it appears I have a couple of new heroes. Meet Ronnie James and David Robinson, two period lenslingers whose gritty days and grittier nights come alive on the pages of a 35 year old magazine. Many thanks to archivist extraordinaire Amanda Emily for tipping me off to said treasure. Somehow, Amanda always knows when I'm running out of steam. the pictures, articles and books she sends my way are a constant reminder that a captivating cameraman's account is not only possible - but has already been done time and time again by cats a helluva lot cooler than me. ..

But you knew that.

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Amanda Emily said...

What they don't mention in the article. That Scoopic in Robinson's hands holds 100 feet of film - about three minutes worth.

Those tiny SDHC cards you shoot on with minutes and minutes worth of space were just a distant dream in 1974.

(and someday I've love to shove my Scoopic into Weaver's hands so I can ask him "so um, whacha filming?" ;-) )