Monday, April 05, 2010

Bash in Sight

B-Roll Bash BannerI may be forced to watch the NCAA National Championship Game tonight, but in seven short days I'll be prowling the sausage party that is the B-Roll Bash. But I won't be alone, for Team Lenslinger has grown considerably. There's The Mighty Weave, Adam "I used to sleep in my news unit" Krolfifer, the artist occasionally known as Turdpolisher, the prodigal photog Brad Ingram, archivist extraordinaire Amanda Emily and the very kewell Kathy Newell. Once on-scene we're sure to chat up founder Kevin Johnson - along with a room of friendly pros and heavy hors d'oeuvres that makes the Harley-Davidson Cafe such a cocktail friendly environment.

But as fun as the bash may be, it's only part of the NAB experience and this year we here at Lenslinger Labs hope to bring more of it to you than ever before. Look for tweets, quick videos and a myriad of goofy photos to flood this page once we set foot on the convention floor. That's the plan anyway; things kinda get loopy in the rarefied air of indoor Vegas. Just know we'll do our best to document every turn of our journey, if for no other reason that it's kind of what we do. And if by some chance you find YOURSELF surfing the floor of the world's largest electronic media show, do get with. I'd feel awful if I didn't give you each and every one of you an opportunity to buy me a drink...

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