Thursday, February 25, 2010

Suitable for Framing

Flash over Atlanta
Chances are Joe Avary was fending off the competition when he thrust his lens toward a couple of fresh felons the other week. But the image he came away with will outlast any newscast. The handcuffed knuckles, the determined shooter, the idling squad cars... that's not a screen-grab, it's a Made for TV Movie! Then again, no after-school special can match the real word education Joey Flash is acquiring in his third TV market in almost as many years. Not so long ago this mercurial goofball was trapped under the tutelage of yours truly, serving a sentence at El Ocho as he launched his lenslinging career. Now, newly svelte and freshly focused, Joey can be found cruising the mean Peachtree Streets of Hotlanta, where he's no doubt impressing all with boundless energy and sprite like ways. Come to think of it, Atlanta has become a hotspot for Viewfinder BLUES enthusiasts: Richards, Bam-Bam, Kiggins, Channel, now Flash... I may just have to schedule a stop down there for Slinger-Con 2010 - a highly esteemed gathering I just now made up but really, really like the sound of...

Now up against the car!

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Snozzwanger said...

By the by, if you don't click through to the better version of this pic, you're missing out.

Didn't know what the hootin' hollerin' hell i was lookin' at till i clicked and went - and it's a great screen cap/pic!!

... and L/S, you are as always much appreciated.