Monday, April 10, 2006

Kiggins Takes Atlanta

Steve KigginsNothing livens up an achingly dull press conference like a buddy with a zoom lens and sense of humor. Steve Kiggins has both. I should know, having held impromptu rendezvous with the jolly photog for a couple of years now. Ribbon-cuttings, house fires, student protests; Steve and I have chatted at many an ill-timed incident. Now the burgeoning journeyman is taking his eye and enthusiasm to CBS 46 in Atlanta, where he'll no doubt find the faster pace of newsgathering he's looking for. I meanwhile, will remain in mid-market squalor, where I'll no doubt miss the wit and wisdom of one Steve Kiggins the next time I'm stranded at an all day train wreck. Just be careful, Steve. Atlanta's a long way from Reno.


Kiggins said...

Thanks for the accolades!
I'll miss ya at the next methlab bust!

Anonymous said...

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