Monday, June 08, 2009

The Word of Turd

Sure, I've TALKED about it - but the Louisiana lenslinger known as Turdpolisher up and DID it. He wrote a novel! Ten days ago or so he sent me the first three chapters. I was staring at my own blank screen when it arrived; before I knew it I was racing through words I wish I'D written. Halfway past the first chapter, I set it aside. Jealousy demanded I stop reading immediately - lest my very melon explode. Now that I'm older (by about a week and a half) I willingly revisited Rick Portier's manifesto and despite my newfound maturity, I'm still a little green with envy. WHY?

Because, Writing is HARD and anyone who sits down to do it on purpose is more than a little misguided. This I know well - and I mainly just peck around in cyberspace. To actually commit to a long project like a novel is to fend off self-doubt at every syllable - with no visitor's comments to lift the spirits or buoy the soul. So far, the grind of such a protracted slog has left me questioning if I had any business stringing words together at all.

And now this hairless Cajun has delivered on his threat to complete a manuscript and he had the nerve to make it freakin' readable! Where Turd goes from here I don't know, for literary success is foreign ground to me. I just know that the three chapters he sent me is a taut plunge into the world of Louisiana news, complete with ghetto preachers, obnoxious hotties and a bruised and battered photog who's pretty sure he's shot it all. Over the top and wholly believable, profane yet elegant, Portier's latest leaves me proud, defensive and a little mad at him for making so good on his promise. I guess at some point, I'm gonna have to tell him how I feel.

Perhaps I just did.


liv said...

Now I'm not writing a novel, but a book none-the-less... It's been one of the hardest things I've ever done. I'm so proud though... as it's almost done....

Oh FYI, that link still isn't working for me for some reason....?

turdpolisher said...

Thanks 'Singer. Guess that means you like it. It's not quite finished yet, but I'm on a race to the finish, then comes the really hard part -- finding someone to publish the damn thing.

Now, you're got to get busy on yours! I've already got a title for it -- WWGLD: What Would G. Lee Do? Now sit at the keyboard and don't get up till you're finished.

Oreo said...

That's a great pic of the hairless one. And to think that YOU inspired HIM!