Friday, May 08, 2009

Rogues' Gallery  

Via Amanda Emily
Lest you think the idling media scrum originated at the O.J. Simpson trial, Amanda Emily proves otherwise with this artifact from Cle Elum, Washington, circa 1920. I'm especially taken with the cat third from the left; that jaunty stance and lack of camera...Could he be a (muddy) field correspondent? Amanda think's he may the be the 'contact man', what we think of today as a field producer. Either way, it's an impressive bunch even if most of them do look like Winston Churchill. Yup, I wanna party with these guys...


Amanda Emily said...

Actually this photo was taken in Cle Elum, Washington. A few hours drive from Spokane. Milwaukee Road is the name of the railroad.

The cat third from the left is most likely the contact man for one of the photogs. You and I would better know this position today as a field producer.

Anonymous said...

guess they didnt have the "lns"
back then

Amanda Emily said...

If the stories about these shooters have any credence to them, they could drink both KXLY and KREM under the table. Especially since the drink of choice here in the Northwest for news crews back then before Prohibition apparently was applejack.

The photog on the far left, Will Hudson, earned himself a place in the historic annuals of Washington State news gathering. Back in 1913, Hudson went along on an expedition to the Arctic to shoot it on motion and still film. The ship he was on, the Polar Bear ended up icebound and Hudson and the crew of the Polar Bear had to walk 500 miles over ice in the dead of winter to get back to civilization. And Hudson brought his gear back with him.

Adriana's Take said...

Neat shot. All well dressed.

Amanda said...

Looking a little closer at Mister jaunty stance in the much larger copy I have, there's a crown tripod behind him with a folding camera on it.

Used to own a crown and can recognize that style of legs anywhere.

He's a still shooter.