Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Schmuck Alert: Aso in El Paso

It's hard to know what set off this Texas lawman: his midday assignment, that glowing orb in the sky, the troublesome chafe of his polyester tunic. Whatever it was, it caused the veteran cop to lose his freakin' mind. Press PLAY on the video above and see a constable unglued... he jumps over a barrier, demands an ABC-7 news crew leave public property and eventually detains the two for boldly refusing to resist. I don't get it - and judging from the reaction of reporter Darren Hunt and photojournalist Ric Dupont - neither do they. That's probably because they're used to covering news in the U.S. of A., where members of the media can go where looky-loos do and flipped-over semi-trucks DON'T cause seemingly rational police sergeants to come out of their skin. Big ups to the the shinier badges at the El Paso Police Department; they released the unoffensive news crew minutes after Sergeant Neck-Vain hauled them into the Westside Regional Command Center. Thus, we exclude much of the law enforcement community down there in the Lone Star State when we level the following charge... Schmuck!


Avery said...

Smucks O'Plenty!

Check this out: http://tinyurl.com/dc4gy7

If this guy in the youtube video is telling the truth, law enforcement needs to revisit the Constitution and what it means.

turdpolisher said...

something decidedly more than schmuck may be necessary here.


sitbonzo said...

Thats madness. What happened following the arrest? Did the cop get a warning?

Anonymous said...

Fire that Idiot! WTF!