Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Mod Squad

from the David R. Busse collection
Sure they're both elder statesmen of the Fourth Estate now, but once upon a time Steve Flyte and David R. Busse were young broadcast bucks, sporting enough moustaches, straps and gadgets to fuel an entire episode of The Electric Company. What's more, this intrepid news crew did it all while dressed in the finest JCPenney fashions! Short-sleeve shirts with that Western cut, bulging battery belts and the kind of high-waisted jeans that Jessica Simpson tried to bring back a few weeks ago! "Are those Garanimals? Don't answer. In fact, ignore me altogether - for I can hardly judge fashion. Not this Kentucky Waterfall in the distance. Besides, these guys truly are legends; Steve Flyte became famous in 1979 after he scratch-built a microwave antenna in the field and saved an ABC News remote from going down in flames. And David R. Busse? Why he became the Forrest Gump of electronic news-gathering. Which reminds me...

Run, Busse, RUN!


SkillTV.net said...

That is cool! Hey speaking of cameras- check out what we are doing on April 18th. We are having a Hottest Head Competition during the upcoming Asheboro Chili Cookoff using an infrared thermographic camera to measure forehead differentials after contestant consume "Liquid Stoopid". Details are at: http://skilltvtechnutia.blogspot.com/

cyndy green said...

Hot damn you can squeeze more links into a single sentence than most can into a week's worth of blogging.
Nice trick.