Monday, March 23, 2009

Erector Vet

Hardhat Theater 2
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s ... the bald spot that ate my youth. Oh well, what’s a few missing follicles (a few?) when you’re getting paid to hang out. That’s really about all I did today as construction workers attached a nearly century old cement frieze to a brand new school‘s rising facade. Okay, so I did more than hang out. I had to track down a chatty onlooker, pawn of my lapel microphone and not miss a single frame of a maneuver that at any moment could end in an 80 year old POOF(!) of suddenly unimportant cement dust. Luckily for the folks at Union Hill Elementary School, the ropes held and my minute-thirty kicker didn’t turn into six seconds of globally known viral video. Oh well - can’t ask for everything! At least I chilled for most of the morning, got to nosh on some natural sound and by the end of the day produce a piece that had absolutely nothing to do with the faltering economy, Ty Lawson’s injured toe or that pesky Octo-Mom.

With assignments like this, who needs hair?

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