Monday, June 16, 2008

Bucky and the Juggernaut

DSCF0023It's been nearly two years since we last caught up with friend of the blog Bucky Covington - then busy recording his debut CD in a studio outside of Nashville. Since then, he's handled the lack of lenslinger in his life by selling countless copies of that debut disc, touring the country with Nashville royalty, popping up on country music award shows and hopefully bedding a bevy of redneck debutants. Not bad for a dude who used to bang out dents in his Diddy's body shop! Now however, this silliest of hillbillies has scored perhaps his greatest coup: a cameo in the new Hannah Montana movie. Sure, it's just a walk on role, but even a fleeting appearance in a film that's destined to become a tweenster classic is reason enough for another shot of rotgut. According to press reports, the cameo role came by special request of one Billy Ray Cyrus - father of the global phenom Miley and originator of the very haircut I rocked for far too long. I just hope Hannah's on her toes, as Bucky's already got comedic chops. Twice this crooning goofball's accented patter got us both nearly kicked out of an American Idol press junket. Man, that british guy in the muscle-shirt is UPTIGHT! No bother, as movie producers will surely note his on-screen moxie and offer him a meatier role in the long-delayed Deliverance remake...

Maybe then he'll return my calls.

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Anonymous said...

You are so right about Bucky's comedic ability. Just one of his many talents. You totally nailed the southern pronunciation of "daddy"!! I love it!!!