Saturday, April 19, 2008

Trumpeting Destruction

Sun Up School Down
And on the fifth day the News Gods smiled, favoring the faithful with assignments both timely and divine ... Okay, so they just knocked down an old school in High Point, but as a self-ordained Elder in the B-block Cathedral, I take the manna wherever I canna. So enjoy shooting those Own Your Ass investigative pieces, those half-acted Consumer operas and all that blowhard smotherage down at City Hall. I'll be out here on the edge of nowhere, aiming at something incidental as if it were a Papal visit. Now if you'll excuse me, there's a Great Grandmother with a hitch in her throat over there. She attended this school on its very first day and with each exploding brick her heart crumbles a little more. That kind of thing belongs on television. Which is why I know I''m walking the righteous path -- Hang on, Granny's on the move - better run.. Then again, she's got a walker. How far she gonna go?


Colin Mulvany said...

Thanks for encluding a link to your school demo story. Nicely done! Would love to see more of your work...

Anonymous said...

News you don't want to slit your wrist too.

I'll take that everytime!