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Friday, February 22, 2008

Photoshop Romance

Of all of Eric White's many accomplishments around the Piedmont, his most foolish was an ill-advised dalliance with Britney Spears. Yesterday that affair came to a tragic halt when, driven to madness by the paparazzi, the unhinged pop starlet showed up at a roadside live shot and went all umbrella on Whitey's ass. Luckily, Chris Weaver managed to snap this photo before taking cover in a nearby ditch, where he vacillated between covering himself with twigs and asking for an autograph. All of us at El Ocho wish Whitey a speedy recovery and hope his news bosses will understand if he's a little leery of Nashville's more aggressive ingenues. Meanwhile, we're issuing a restraining order and beginning to doubt Eric's claims of his new life as Britney's back-up dancer. Ain't love grand?

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www.sillones.nom.es said...

The guy is totally just, and there is no skepticism.