Monday, January 21, 2008

The Powder Run

I didn't wanna make another run, but a trumpeted front fell through and I had to blow out of town to score some snow. Hey I'm not a dealer! I just know where to get it. Trouble is, it ain't always the same . Take last week, whe I jetted West to satiate El Ocho's suits . Seems they were jonesin' for the hard stuff. You know: feathery flake, raw snowball, blue tint ... Dude, I tried. But no matter how many times I cruised up and down North Wikesboro all I could find was that slippery, sloppy slush. Sure, they got four inches of powder, but they got plenty of drizzle too. By the time I rolled down Highway 421, everything in town was all stepped on. No snowballs either; even the street urchins were layin' low. Maybe next time, though. I talked to some dude on a moped who says he can hook us up. Now do me a favor and put that towel under the door...


ALE said...

I love it when southerners flip out over the snow.

Its just a dusting - the world isn't coming to an end, no need to raid the stores and clean them out of bread and milk.

(yea I live in the far north where it currently is 9 degrees with 13" of snow on the ground and the reporters are getting berated on-air for not bundling up)

Kenny . said...

Folks down south are not accustomed to driving in snow.

Nor are the local municipalities equipped to handle the snowy roads or ice.

Often water lines are not well insulated so they split after haven froze.

Have a little heart dude.