Thursday, January 24, 2008

Done in by Demm

Though I toil in television, I have a perverse love of radio. Not the piped-in platter of some faraway corporation's hard-drive mind you, but good ole fashioned mouth-to-the-microphone live and local radio. Maybe that's why I'm such a (P-1) fan of 2 Guys named Chris, the WKRR morning show that defines that sadly dying form. When last we caught up with Chris Demm and Chris Kelly, they were yukking it up on the links, but since then they've continued to flesh out their repertoire, even making a stab at syndication with a move into the Wilmington market. None of this would have been possible of course without the insatiable Deidre James, who's brought some much needed color to the these two white boy's collective schtick. Throw in a carousing weather guy and a scruffy phone screener and you have surprisingly good radio.

But I didn't come here to eulogize this still thriving show. I logged in to talk about rock and roll trivia. As a forty something owner of a Molly Hatchet 8-track, I admit I think I know a thing or two about Classic Rawk, even if I do refrian from listening to it. But my scant knowledge of the cockswagger canon pales in comparison to that of Chris Demm (a Dee-JAY of course, and a brainy one at that!). Each weekday morning Demm puts his prowess on the line in a trivia contest called Put Up or Shut Up. Like many listeners, I play along silently and do quite well. Yesterday I called in and sucked out loud. Oh well, no shame in my game. Demm remains a devil of an opponent, but one dayI hope to make him lay that golden fiddle at my feet. Untilk then, I'll be sharpening up on my 70's-era liner notes and wondering how I missed on 'Logical Song', a Supertramp dirge I could sing by heart. Off key, of course.

(Lenslinger completists can listen to me getting schooled by visiting here and clicking on the play button under Put Up Or Shut Up For Jan 24th, 2008. After which you should probably re-examine how you spend your free time. Just sayin'...)


jim said...

Sorry about your luck with the contest. People who spend their lives in radio do tend to know their music. Nice to know there's still some live-local radio out there. Overall, radio's no fun anymore thanks to the big-corp group PDs who suck the fun out of every station they touch.

Mike said...
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mangler said...

you shoulda been handicapped cause of the fox tv show, j/k. good job tho

Anonymous said...

I like Chris, but they need to fire Chris.