Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fire Station Baby

Okay, so nobody's gonna hand me something shiny for this story. An interview driven piece with pretty slim visuals, it's a minute-twenty exercise in missed opportunities. Given the chance to do it again, I'd have shot the younger firefighter in a different setting, made the older one show my camera around the station more and insisted Dad joined Mom and me on the couch for the official sit-down. Alas, there was a language barrier, time constraints and the general malaise of a shooter on the verge of a three day weekend. Still, it turned out less than wretched - if only because the story at hand was so highly unlikely. Give it a glance if you get the chance. You won't need a hanky or anything, but you'd all do well to stow those ironic hipsterisms before we get started. So please, feel free to proceed - once your cliche-meter has been returned to the upright position. Careful, though! Production snafus aside, this may still very well be the feel good piece of the week. Consider yourself warned...

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