Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Schmuck Alert: Elbow Showdown

Via the all too absent eWink, news of a little elbow fiesta by the bay. It happened yesterday at San Francisco's Golden Gate, where local police denied anti-war demonstrators permission to march across the bridge in protest. ABC7 News photog Randy Davis reportedly asked to be allowed past the crowd (to shoot video) cops informed him that the world famous Golden Gate Bridge was indeed, 'private property'(news to an awful lot of taxpayers). Instead of correcting the officer however, Davis brazeny shouldered his axe - an audacious move that prompted the nearest bridge cop to immediately grab his lens. Perhaps instinctively, Davis removed said beefy law-enforcer mitt and it was then the real pushee-pushee began.

Hey, I wasn't there (I was loitering in a swamped-out church basement, remember?), but I have been in similiar situations. Rabid protestors, hyped-up PO-lice, pushy news crews - it's a recipe for Rodney King 101 and a living diorama of how I don't want to spend my day. While the bridge cop in question was needlessly aggressive, Davis was equally ballsy in breaking that highly unauthorized grip. I much prefer to act like a stabbing victim whenever someone grabs my lens, drop to the pavement as if I'm suddenly boneless and shriek uncontrollably until someone either cuts me a check or at the very least drags me out of the melee in question. But hey, I'm a lover - not a fighter. Tito, get me a tissue!

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David Boyd said...

Got to tell you. Took the kids to an Elon basketball game tonight. One of them saw a Fox 8 cameraman - identified as such by his misaligned shoulders, sallow complexion and heavily-logoed vest. He asked if he could go get his autograph. I told him I didn't think that would be necessary as I had a connection and could probably get him a signed head shot.

Anonymous said...

I have not, as yet, gone nose to nose with Police but I have with private security who seem to think they are Police.

When we had the Commonwealth Games here last year, there was a bridge which joins our main drag into the city. It is a main thoroughfare for most traffic. During the games, at certain times it was closed to the public for events. One event was the opening and closing events which part of took place on the river, and a good vantage point was the bridge.

Media were told that it was now out of bounds and we were not permitted to film from the bridge. I was hassled when unknowingly I stopped to get a couple of shots of the river. They tried to take my camera when I argued, and so we had words and got very close to being physical. I was then informed that it was illegal to film or even cross the bridge and that it was a private bridge!

Says who? Try telling the taxpayers, like you said that this 150yr old bridge was private!

After the event, the bridge became ‘public’ again. Oh really!

BTW……can you email me and let me in on your secret to adding pics to your blog heading.

Lenslinger said...

Say the word and a signed 8 by 10 glossy photograph of said shooter is in the mail. Complete with circles and paragraphs on the back.

Anonymous said...

I think any of us who have read the B-Roll Forum know about Californias pro-media laws. They allow for the media to be on private property like shopping malls so I think this rent-a-cop overstepped by trying to play the private property card.

And thanks to the punch he threw I would guess his next few paychecks will be donated to Mr.Davis.

LEOs usually are very careful not to touch anyone in a manner like the guy did putting his hand on the camera lens. Anyone who touches my camera or lens gets their hand knocked away (as I communicate it to them verbally also) I don't care who they are.

Anonymous said...

Actually I can paste pics and no need for a signed one :) but rather I see in your blog you have pics under your title.

I wish to do the same but having trouble with my template code.


Anonymous said...

Hotlinked means I stole the picture and put it on my webpages without putting it on my server. :)

And dang it, I've blogged 5 days this week!