Thursday, November 23, 2006

Float The Creek

Bocephus Me
This week on Deliverance Theater, it's a very special Thanksgiving when Elbert and Durwood hit the creek for a little pre-meal mischief. All is well until an encounter with a noxious woodchuck spooks the duo and sparks a watery inferno that leaves the cousins frigid, withered and grizzled. From long-lost contraband to a brief (but diarrhetic) Bigfoot scare, good ole boy voodoo ensues as they stumble their way back to the double-wide. But will they make it to the table in time? Or will Big Mama get pissed and finally impound the Rally Sport? Tune in to find out...

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1 comment:

Rad said...

Dude, we got a father / son dou down here that hit the swollen river in a canoe for a little t-day cruise. Kid grabs a tree branch and flips the thing, both spend a half-hour in the cold water waiting for rescue! People are just dumb.