Sunday, June 11, 2006

Photog at Dusk

The hulking Kentuckian known only as Smitty cuts a lenslinging silhouette in this self-portrait purloined from his own accomplished blog. With his stark posture cutting a heroic hole in the night sky, one gets the impression that no horizon is too distant, no deadline too stupid, no rent-a-cop too pissy to stop this photog from bagging that next needed shot. Then you notice dude is sportin' Adidas flip-flops, and you realize he's just walking his camera out to get the evening paper.

Still, I like the cut of his jib...


Smitty said...

You got it right, Stewart. Well almost, but anyway.. Way to go, letting your imagination run wild with the thoughts going thru my mind when I captured this moment on Friday night.

As always, thanks for the plug. Take care and be safe out there!

Look forward to reading the book!

robot said...

Nice shot!
(I'd so get my ass kicked if I wore flip flops to work, btw).

Billy Jones said...

Tell him to be careful where he points that thing-- it might go off!