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Monday, April 24, 2006

NAB: On the Ground

Krispy Kreme CentralThe flight was long, crowded and more than a little turbulent, but Weaver and I landed safely in Las Vegas late late night. After a cursory glance of 'Old Vegas' (think Myrtle Beach with a bigger bddget), we found our way to the hotel, where we fed a few antiquated slot machines, took a quick stroll and promptly crashed.
Krispy Kreme Central 2Now we find ourselves facing aging gamblers in the smoke filitered sunlight of a Lost Wages Monday. Egads! At least we have our mission to think about: a hard target search of the world's largest electronic show. Check back in throughout the day for picture-heavy posts and a dollop of professional sarcasm. But for now, Weaver and I gotta pack up our toys, blow this Krispy Kreme stand and get to the convention center. Stay Tuned!

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Colonel Corn's Camera said...

I'm tuned man. Give us the goods.