Tuesday, April 25, 2006

NAB - Best Laid Plans

MondayVegas (67)Well - so much for the live blogging of NAB. Both Weaver and I had ambitious plans of updating you on our inaugural trip to the world's largest electronic show, but between my finicky laptop, one surreal stretch-limo ride and a river of gin and tonics...well - it just didn't happen. Thus, I'd like to offer every one of my half-dozen readers a full and humble refund for promises unkept.

Simply visit www.whatdidyouexpectfromablog.com and a trained service tech from Lenslinger Global Enterprises will rush a check your way. Meanwhile, I implore you not to remove me from your 'Favorites' file, as I have an abundance of images and impressions to dole out over the coming days, just as soon as my head stops hurting.


newshutr said...


beFrank said...

I'll get over it as long as I know you guys are having fun.

photogguy said...

Dude, you're in Vegas. I'm pretty sure you have better things to do than update your blog.

Have a gin and tonic for me!

Colonel Corn's Camera said...

dude I couldn't get your stupid web site to come up. How am I gona get my money if I cant get to the site? Sheesh. And look at you sleeping on the job. No wonder your site doesn't work.

Lensmith said...

Why are you wasting good gin by putting tonic in it?

Is there some Bermuda Triangle thing happening at NAB? Both you and Kevin of B-Roll Online are having major difficulties! Sounds like a conspiracy to me! Or maybe it's that gin again!

Enjoy Vegas and write when you can. Some of us live vicariously through your adventures and will be rather disappointed if you don't at least have a little fun while you're out there!

I suggest a double shot of Bombay on ice and everything will become much clearer!

Jorge_Guapo said...

No biggie, bro. I'd be happy to live vicariously through your NAB trip, ex post facto.

Smitty said...

So what happened? Hmm.. You know what they say: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless you're going to devil in the details.

Glad to hear you had a blast.. Can't wait to read more about that stretch limo ride and of course, details on the wild hair of the dog that bit ya.

Weaver said...

The first thing my wife asked when I got home was..."What's this about a limo?"

So I explained. Shortly it will be published.


ewink said...

Hey can you guys swing by my house and feed my cat?