Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Congrats to the Colonel

While I veered away from the blogosphere for a scintillating course in possession conveyance, Colonel Ken Corn celebrated a (blog) birthday! The Charlotte news shooter has long been a supporter of yours truly, e-mailing me gracious notes of encouragement during the formulative b-roll.net years. Who knew he was a gifted scribe in his own right? Ken's been around the ole photog block, having peered through the lens at WRAL and even in Iraq. Once he returned to the states, he shrewdly turned his stint in the desert into a glossy article in NPPA magazine. Not bad for a guy who still carries his own camera!

A little more than a year ago, Colonel Corn brought his storyelling acumen to the blogosphere and has since filed weekly essays that are both thoughtful and entertaining. You could say I'm a fan, but I like anybody who's got the grapes to slather their inner most thoughts across the internet - especially when they're as well composed as Ken's steady dispatches. I only wish he wouldn't give me quite so much credit for getting him started, as I was merely ventilating my own head when he came along. Every now and then the News Gods thrust us into the same sat truck convention and we have a large time trading war stories and blogging tips - usually while a president bloviates or a hurricane hurls trashcan lids across a deserted parking lot.

So do this shore shoulder a favor and report to the Colonel ASAP! You'll come away with a better grasp of the soul-stretching job that this silly gig is and you won't have to wade through any tortured exhortations or old mullet photos along the way. SA-LUTE!