Sunday, March 12, 2006

Chris Daughtry: On the Red Carpet

Chris Daughtry  Answers UpThe Chris Daughtry that approached my camera Thursday night was positively electrified. That hasn’t always been the case, as off-stage, the diminutive bald rocker can sometimes look like he’s waiting on a bus. It’s that working class humility that so compliments his stratospheric vocals, even if it does vex the guy in the black V-neck from time to time. When I first met Chris that day outside the Green Bean, I was summarily under-whelmed. Then he cocked his head back and rattled the restaurant’s windows with his turbo-charged howl. Since then, I’ve delighted in watching him impress everyone else who hears him sing. Many others have joined me in the conversation and to them Chris has this to say:
"Everybody that’s doing that, writin’ about me, I’m readin’ it. Thank you so much and thank you for voting for me."
So far in the competition, the former automotive service writer has been able to stick to his blue collar rock and roll roots. That will soon change, as now the producers have total control of song selection. Chris is confident he can get through this week’s Stevie Wonder canon, but he admits the songs in his immediate future scare him a bit.
"If they do show tunes that might be a little weird but I’m just gonna try to keep my style infused into every song I do and do it my way and stay true to what I do. And as long as I do that hopefully people will keep voting for me and keep me around a little longer."
That shouldn’t be a problem, as Chris is a front-runner. So far he’s the only contestant whose recent performance caused the band he was covering, Fuel, to beg him to be their new lead singer.
"They called me yesterday. It’s crazy when you got a band that you’ve been listening to ever since you were like 14 and you respect them as songwriters and they inspire you as a musician and they’re calling you offering you the job as their singer..."
Shannon Smith & Chris DaughtryBut Chris ain’t leavin’. How could he? He’s on his way to becoming the next American Idol. At least that’s what you're friendly lenslinger is becoming growingly convinced of, as I cover this unassuming young bald guy with the bored-out vocal pipes. Chris might not be quite as confident as I am, but he does seem to realize the possibilities before him for perhaps the first time. Here’s hoping he won’t stumble on his path to global rock stardom, what with frayed nerves, unblinking satellites and divine intervention.
"I pray to God that I don’t hit a bad note that I don’t hit a bad note, you know, do something stupid or fall - you’re on national TV and anything can happen so I always just hope not to be one of those embarrassing moments."
Careful with the show-tunes, dude...


HockeyPat said...

I don't know.

He turned down a real job with a real band to sing show tunes?

Not very rock and roll.

Anonymous said...
Go to the media page.
See if it sounds like someone you know...

DanaM. said...

Who is he supposed to sound like? He sounds like Chris Daughtry! And he sounds incredible!! If there is something big that I am missing here with everyone saying that he sounds so much like someone else, please let me in on it! And if by turning down a real job you mean the deal with Fuel, I am sure he is obligated by contract to American Idol for a certain time peroid and he can't just cut out on them for better things. I don't know these things for sure, hell, I have never met Chris in my life...but common sense people! Come on!! Why does everyone have to be so hateful of someone's success? He is fighting and struggling to get to the top where he wants to be. He could sit in some regular job living the middle class life like everyone else, but he wants better for his family and he will do anything to get there. He wants more, don't we all, most of us just do nothing about it!! Don't like his music, don't like his personality, it's all your opinion, but DON'T tear him down for who he is or for having ambition and being passionate enough to do what he loves to do...

Jackie said...

I completely agree with you.
I am also admittedly a Chris Daughtry fan. However he is going to need some help with his image, not that there is anything wrong with it. It's just that I've seen it before somewhere...
Oh right, Ed Kowalczyk, lead singer of Live.
Granted Chris is a better looking version IMHO, nonetheless, it is too close not to cause some major controversy.
I rest my case with the side-by-side comparison:

lovinchris said...

I agree so much wit's like u took the words out of my mouth..he is incredible..not only is he so so so so so sexy..but he has an amazing talent..i keep on hearin that he sounds like all other rockers..i totally disagree..chris is a great rocker without the bum, dirty look..thank god..there is one thing i just don't get though..he married a woman older then him that already had 2 kids..he says that he is such a family guy but his wife is gettin a historectomy(sp)..y would he not want kids of his own???