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EDITOR'S NOTE: Fresh off a three year managerial stint, your friendly neighborhood lenslinger is back on the street and under heavy deadline. As the numbing effects of his self-imposed containment wear off, vexing reflections and pithy epistles are sure to follow...

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lenslinger Dot Com

Rainbow KeyboardIn an ongoing effort to boost perusal of Viewfinder BLUES, I'm making it easier to find it in the first place. Thus, I've dropped the thinnest of coins and secured unfettered clearance to lenslinger.com. No more struggling with that awkward 'blogspot' if you don't want to, just type in my ten letter alter-ego, plus 'dot com' and you'll wind up here, at Lenny Slinger's House of Pablum. Come for the grit, stay for the glitz!


PotatoStew said...

Congrats on the domain name!

product of communism said...

Congrats! What's your bandwith?

Billy Jones said...

Good move, Stew.

robot said...

Aww yeah!
See you at your new domain, Lens!

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