Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Robot Gets Wet

I just love this photo Little Lost Robot posted on his always-entertaining blog. In it, you see him issuing the standard "Do NOT splash the cameraman, or you WON'T be on television!" lecture." It's one of the many speeches we lenslingers employ to calm the younger crowd. A few of my favorites:

"Don't hurt the cameraman!"

"Act like MY kids and ignore me."

"C'mon, Grandma doesn't wanna see you throwin' gang signs."

"Pretend there's not a furry cameraman in your face."

"No, I don't have Tera William's 'digits'."

There's a time and a place for each response of course - but truth be told, few admonishments work on children. The mere sight of an oversized lens and instantly recognizable logo is enough to spark riots in cafeterias, classrooms and gymnatoriums everywhere. Throw in some sugar cookies, grape Kool-Aid and a half-dozen water slides and You Sir, have the making of an apocalypse. I've covered hostage stand-offs and felt safer.

1 comment:

Chris Morton said...

Actually Stew we do have Tera's Digits, but its internal use only.