Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Fire on the Mountain

Check out this photo, via richvid at I believe it's from a year or so ago outside L.A. (Any clue, beFrank?)

Whatever the origin, it's a damn frightening sight. As one who pilots the occasional live truck, whose older brother is a career firefighter/paramedic and who is deeply enthralled with the closing chapters of Fire on the Mountain, I just couldn't resist sharing.

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Lex said...

One of the scariest moments I had was covering the March 1985 forest fire near Valdese, N.C. -- it burned so hot that extinguished areas often spontaneously recombusted minutes or even hours later. I found this out the hard way: I was balancing a telephoto (still) camera lens on a stump to shoot a ring of fire encircling the peak of a nearby mountain when the stump flared up, costing me my eyebrows and a good bit of dignity. The camera, a Nikon FG20, was undamaged.

Anonymous said...

While I cannot be certain, it appears that this is a KNBC truck. Whether it is this one, or another one, I do know KNBC had a truck catch on fire last year. The crew inside escaped without harm, but it was a hell of a site to see on KCBS-TV.

Scott Schrantz said...

Look at picture #7 here. That is reporter John Tyson's truck after the Waterfall Fire in Carson City, NV, last summer. John escaped with minor burns.