Monday, June 20, 2005

Coming Attractions...

Ah yes - the first day back at work after a glorious vacation. It’s enough to make your friendly neighborhood lenslinger reconsider his current career path. But how could I - when I spent my first returning shift huddling with geographers at UNC-G, hanging out of golf carts at Grandover Resort and chasing world class speed skaters around a High Point roller rink? I couldn’t make that stuff up if I tried! Looking back, each episode was fairly blog-worthy, but since I left my digital camera and laser focus at home today, you’ll have to use your imagination.

Tomorrow I’ll try and do better by you. Let’s just hope I’m not sequestered in some protracted board meeting or the like; those can be awfully hard to sex up for a good blog post. For now though, I leave you with a quick rundown of subjects I’m exploring but am far from finished with. Consider what follows the Coming Attractions posters outside the Viewfinder BLUES Cinema. Or don’t consider them at all. We’ll still be friends...

King of the Walkdown: The true story of one Paul Dunn - a skilled ex-news shooter who had the uncanny ability to psycho-analyze people in handcuffs while doing the one eyed back-shuffle. The only thing more familiar to Paul than the on-camera confession was the subpoena that soon followed.

Through a Lens, Darkly: Though it is certainly macabre to dwell on them, I’ve hovered over enough dead bodies to write a blathering essay about them. Frozen homeless men, unlucky pedestrians, slain convenience store clerks, murdered nurses…I come not to exploit these victims of tragedy, but to simply get them out of my head.

Adventures in Radio (The Stupid Years) : If my initial career plans had panned out , I might be a overblown FM hack in a track suit and gold medallions peeking though my chest hairs, instead of a battered photog with an aching back and a chronic case of diarrhea of her keyboard. Come to think of it, I’m not sure which is worse. What I do know, is I got a story to tell.

Ode to a Greasy Spoon: As much as I enjoy taking pictures and driving news vehicles, my true love is the country diner. From Seagrove’s JugTown Café to Pete’s Grill in Gibsonville, I like ’em authentic. Extra points awarded if the waitress has a moustache and calls me ’Shug’ while pouring sweet tea strong enough to melt windshield glass.

These shockingly true tales and other assorted camera fables will soon be hitting Viewfinder BLUES screens nationwide. Check local listings for showtimes. Until then, hit the archives, walk the dog and try to forgive a crusty photog for not getting his blog on this fine Monday at Midnight. I beg of you...

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