Sunday, September 09, 2012


I could spend countless paragraphs telling you what it was like to cover the Democratic National Convention, but none would be as trenchant as what Ferlon Webster assembled simply by pressing RECORD. In twelve strangely compelling minutes, the young El Ocho photog seeks egress from the convention floor, a journey which sounds simpler than it is. He bobs, he weaves, he shoos away a reporter who tries to steal his spotlight. More than anything, he keeps rolling, laying out his exit strategy while fending off the crass and the curious.

It's a virtuoso performance, if you look past the fact he isn't acting. Especially telling is the interplay between Ferkon and is on-air partner. By the time our hero turned the camera on himself, he'd been following his better-dressed half all over uptown Charlotte. Their attitude toward each other is the perfect combination of professional respect and seething disdain. It's the kind of chemistry you just can't fake and it's one of the main reasons I watched this video twice. Each time I was sucked in completely, until I secretly wished Ferlon would emerge from the arena to find Jim Cantore rifling through the soft drink cooler.

Alas, it never came to pass, but I was entertained and not just because I made the exact same slog several times last week. So there you have it, my review of a mini-doc I'm not even sure I was supposed to see. Now that YOU'VE seen it, count yourself lucky for not witnessing the whole thing in glorious 3-D. At the very least, be grateful our young auteur didn't stop by the porta-potties on his way to the live trucks.

THAT would have been a bridge too far.


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