Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Trudge to Justice

It's been four days since jurors began deliberating John Edwards' fate and the former Presidential candidate ain't the only one getting antsy. Outside, a growing gaggle of local, regional and network news crews are locked in mid-fidget as hour after hour passes without an awful lot of anything to report. Why, it's enough to make you interview each other, a scurrilous practice I try to avoid unless it's the only thing that will satisfy my bosses that day. That proved to be the case on Friday, a twelve hour shift that now seems so distant all I can remember is the hamburger I had for lunch. Oh wait, I had that same hamburger three days in a row. Or was it four? Whatever the case, know that I haven't forgotten you, dear reader. In fact, the only thing I want to do besides never climb another stepladder is to one day tell you all about it. At the moment though, I'm too sunburned, numb and sleep-deprived to do it justice so I leave you with friend of the blog Chuck Liddy's time-lapse of Edwards and his lawyers morning arrival. That's me - fifth from the left - dressed in light clothing and wishing I'd listened to my dear old Mom when she said I'd better put down that ratty paperback and focus on my studies. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go sleep six hours and get up to do it all over again...


Paul Martin said...

If only our days did pass that quickly....

Rad said...

Ha! That's me to Lenslinger's right... and if you look close I think I give him the camera back bonk as I swing around!

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