Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Indelibles

Pinkie and the Brain
Fire up enough satellite trucks in a row and you're bound to bend a few moonbeams. I can't explain the science behind it, but then again, high school algebra eluded me too. What I do know is that after only a few hours of continuing team smotherage, a certain sector of the citizenry begins making mountains out of mashed potatoes. Before you know it, your once placid media compound is invaded by caped crusaders. It happened Friday at Camp Edwards, when into the scrum undone came ... The Circumsizer.
At least that's what fellow photog Dustin Etheridge calls him. For all I know, his business cards really do read 'Un-Castrated Man' (I wasn't going to ask).  Whatever the case, he materialized mid-morning and while he wasn't exactly embraced by the camera community, we made sure his moped didn't get towed. For awhile he waved his sign and though he didn't appear on an ounce of television, he sure did pop up on a lot of photog's Facebook pages. Someone wondered aloud what his superpowers might be and from my thirteen seconds with him I can tell you stringing together three related sentences ain't one of 'em. But who needs a clear message when you got such moxie? I admire that ... from a distance.

Eventually, the masked man waddled off. Though we never quite knew what he wanted, we kind of missed him when he was gone. Took him awhile though. Dude moved like he'd been killin' villains all night. That, or with great power comes intense chafing ... I could never decide.

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