Friday, February 03, 2012

Samaritan Down

Dick CarneySorry about the lack of updates, but it's been a tough week here at Lenslinger Central. On Monday, my biological father Dick Carney died suddenly. Dick was more than the source of half my DNA.  He was a loving old goat who didn't let a hard knock life stop him from assisting others. Ours was not a typical father-son relationship. Nothing was typical about the man. He was gruff, introspective and strangely eloquent. We shared a deep love of language and no one was more thrilled about what I've done here than he. Dick was something of a writer himself and he left a smattering of blog entries I will always treasure. He also left a wealth of material I'm just now going through and you can best believe I'll write again about his extraordinary life. For now, let me leave you with one of the many lessons he taught me:

"Feeling sorry for yourself? Don't like your lot in life? Get off your sorry ass and go help somebody. You'll be amazed what it will do for your day."


Anonymous said...

Stewart: Your dad sounds a lot like you ... and of that you should be proud.
Don Davis
HP Enterprise photographer

jhs said...

I agree with Don Davis. My condolences for your loss Stewart, but it sounds like you have lots of good things to keep his memory by.

Glad to know from where part of your wit and writing talent came.

Roch101 said...

Beautiful advice.

My condolences.

Anonymous said...

That may be the best advice ever given.

Sorry your dad passed away, I miss mine every day.

Kenny in Toronto. said...

Always tough losing a parent. The fellow who was responsible FOR HALF OF YOUR DNA seem like a crusty character from a movie who folks would shy away from but soon realize he likes hiS fellow man. R.I.P Dick