Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Signs of Light

Nightside Lights

Top Ten Signs You're Using Too Many Lights on Your Live Shot...

10.) Rival street gangs show up and declare a dance-off.

9.) Talent begins experiencing college dorm era mushroom-induced flashback. (After all, college was THREE years ago!)

8.) Grotesque shadow puppets terrorize the city.

7.) Every time you plug in that last extension cord, the stoplights flicker.

6.) Greenpeace protestors appear and begin shouting down your thoughtless destruction of our planet.

5.) Your live truck begins to rev and flex like that Delorean in Back to the Future.

4.) A reporter you haven't talked to in six years calls your cell phone to complain of burning retinas.

3.) NASA begins tracking your position as possible rogue sunspot.

2.) Helicopter gunships begin strafing your perimeter.

And the Number 1 Sign You're Using Too Many Lights on Your Live Shot...

1.) It almost looks like actual news.


Rad said...

You can NEVER have too many lights on a live shot.
Good rule of thumb: The longer it takes for a reporter to write, the longer I have to put up lights while I wait on them. That means it will take longer to strike the lights, therefore making us that much later getting back to the station. Lesson for Reporters: If you want to get home in time to see Dancing with the Stars, write your package script as quickly as possible!

Anonymous said...

I wish my photog set up more than one light, and usually that one light is the toplight on the camera. Makes every AM live shot look like I'm in a black hole.

Anonymous said...

that's probably because you are in a black hole for every AM live shot.

Anonymous said...

Or you could say, "you know, I really wish we had another light set up. If you'll show me where it's at, I'll get it out while you set the sticks up."