Sunday, January 08, 2012

Lark of Night


It's been a weirdly warm winter here in the Carolinas, the kind of thing we really don't mind so much. But with the lack of activity on the radar screen, some at El Ocho have started to mess with Mother Nature. We're talking straight up sorcery, bro. Okay, so it's a gizmo on a stick that throws fake snow in a semi-circle. Whadda YOU GUYS do for fun?  Don't bother sending the answer in a self-addressed stamp envelope - I'm all out of postcards. But even if I had some, I'd be hard pressed to come up with a prettier picture than this one, a frigid enough vista procured and delivered here by an unnamed operative of the Lenslinger Institute. Seems several heavily logo'd layabouts were seen skulking out back the other night. Details are sketchy, but ninety convenient minutes before the late news, "the white stuff" was seen falling by the satellite farm. This is indeed bad juju, the kind of ecological recklessness that leads to local newscasters using terms like "the white stuff", not to mention whatever weather deck apocalypse such a rash move could trigger.

 Sure looks nice, though.

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