Monday, August 08, 2011

Rolling Stone

Rolling StoneWhen a band of violent morons overtook his Clapham Junction Neighborhood, Sky News Reporter Mark Stone could have high-tailed it out of there. Instead, he committed journalism. To be more specific, he fired up his smart phone and began narrating the bedlam that's threatening to level London. Okay, so maybe it won't level London, but when dimwitted marauders began looting shops on Lavender Hill, it probably felt that way. Which is what makes Stone's performance all the more spectacular, for not only does he jam his tiny camera into storefronts as a mob tries to dismantle them, he even challenges a few of the cowardly thugs to explain their rancor. They cannot, but that doesn't stop the Sky News reporter from expressing his own disdain in a way that is exquisitely British. Ya know, if I was in charge of something as useless as the local Emmys, I'd ship a few of those golden statues across the pond to a certain reporter who's more than proved his mettle. Can't say I'd do the same...

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