Friday, July 01, 2011

Blessings Accepted

Condensing distant events without much video can make for difficult television. But one of the benefits of working solo, (besides listening to your own music in the car) is near total control of your product. In the case of Lost Ring Found, I arrived on scene to find another news crew fully engorged. Luckily, they were friends of mine and we stayed out of each others' shot. But a crowded palette and Friday-itis convinced me to quit shooting long before I should have. Thus, this story isn't all that it should be, but the sweet Southern people at its center more than make up for my lack of effort. Good to know the News Gods can still smile down upon me. Almost absolves all those thunderbolts.



Anonymous said...

It turned out fine! Anyone not inside the biz (e.g., me) would never know this could have been more.

turdpolisher said...

cool story. cool peeps. i'd say you covered all the bases. don't beat yourself up. it's the weekend. have a beer.