Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paging Ned Beatty...

Yadkin River GoPro Shot
Modified technology ROCKS(!), but occasionally those radical new gadgets spawn strange and ugly phenomena. Such is the case with the latest lens to take TV crews by storm. I'm talking about GoPro Face. You know, the first frames of video retrieved from those fantastic new POV cameras. Invariably, the first thing you see upon upload is a quizzical, squinting grimace; a pained expression on a photog's face that screams "IS THIS THING ON? Lately, it's even been capturing talent. How else to explain the look of constipation on Chad Tucker's face as I attached a station-owned GoPro to a free-range kayak the other day. If my good man appears distressed, it's only because he's got a camera between his legs. Me, I look worried because I am. All I could envision as I blessed the camera's suction cup was Chad thwacking it into the drink with his mad oar-fu skills. Fortunately, all went swimmingly. Chad paddled, I perched high above on a shaky bridge and everyone's favorite dashboard cam stayed mercifully above the waterline. WHEW! Now, if we could just attach one of those puppies to a toy helicopter, I might not be needed at all! On second thought, scratch that. I live with teenage daughters, which means I need each and every paid safari I can swing. Besides, no troubled shoot, twisted gizmo or horny mutant redneck packs half the peril of a walk-in closet stocked by a Justin Beiber fan.  Now hand me that banjo, wouldya? The locals are getting restless.

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arky said...

Except for DSLR, the GoPro has got to be the best photographic invention of the past decade.